15 February 2022

The first publications based on UBIMOTIF research in press

Key differences between HDAC6 and HDAC8 in the coordination of the substrate

Julia Varga in the Furman lab at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, is first author of two articles:
“Harnessing protein folding neural networks for peptide-protein docking” (Tsaban et al, 2022) and
“Structure-based prediction of HDAC6 substrates validated by enzymatic assay reveals determinants of promiscuity and detects new potential substrates” (Varga et al, 2022)

Julia’s  work is describing the development of computational approaches for the prediction of the structure and the binding of SLiM-receptor interactions. The articles can be found here:


Sophia Park in the Peter lab at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, is working on the characterization of the Wdr26 dependent substrates of the human GID complex, she has contributed to the article:
“The human GID complex engages two independent modules for substrate recruitment” (Mohamad et al, 2021). Read the article here: